Trello Had Me At Hello … and their release notes

Trello = Awesome

I started 2015 committed to better organization and information recall using Trello

A development firm I work with introduced me to Trello a few years ago. They were using it for tracking issues on our website and other project management support tasks.

As the intensity and pace of projects and requests streaming into my inbox escalated, I found myself not being able to remember if a project or item ever got deployed or whose court the ball was in.

I tried a variety of different approaches to keep my sanity and augment my recall ability. Nothing seemed to work well.

One of the first options to go was the pen and paper. Mostly because you can run a search on a note pad — much less a search across several different note pads. And, inevitably, I’d want to get some of that information into ones and zeros.

After playing with excel and a few other software solutions — I decided to begin 2015 using Trello.

I made a commitment that any project or request that required more than me forwarding an email would require me to put it in Trello.

So what exactly is Trello? It’s a cloud-based board system that’s the foundation for productivity workflows like Kanban and Scrum.

The best part is that because it’s cloud based, all of my information is always with me on my laptop, iPhone or iPad. And — bonus — it’s also available to anyone that you share it with.

Instant recall. Instant availability and visibility.

Check it out. Or download the app and read their release notes — they’re always awesome.

TE rolls into 2016 with WP

Dragon in bellagio
Dragon in bellagio

Exploring a brave new world for Tait Enterprises in 2016 as I revisit WordPress.

This time around I’m going mobile — armed with my iPhone and iPad Pro — hopefully this approach will allow more frequent articles and posts.

Bring on the year of the <code> monkey.